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There is no one-size-fits-all

Right Consultancy offers a great variety of services and solutions that are customized to fit your company’s requirements. We strongly believe that there are no ready-made solutions, which is why we use our expertise to find the best solution for each of our clients individually.

Forwarding, supply chain management, transport, and other logistical processes are complex and difficult to manage. We help you optimize these processes so your business can operate effectively and sustainably while saving costs and time.

At Right Consultancy we

Ask what your biggest challenges are

Analyze the current operations

Develop new functions

Optimize for efficiency


Supply Chain

Optimize your supply chains to be able to compete in today’s international markets.


We find logistics solutions that deliver the best results for companies of any size.


We design, review, and improve warehousing systems for more efficient management and operation of warehouses.


Power BI

Access and manage data in the most efficient way with customized Power BI solutions.

Consulting & Implementation Support

RC offers consultation and support for companies of all sizes in the logistics industry. With our help, your company can start using different management systems and improve operations smoothly and cost-effectively.

What is included in our services at Right Consultancy?


With Right Consultancy, the journey starts with assessing the current issues your company faces with supply chain management and customer retention.


We then create a customized solution proposal that is based on our analysis of your company, data, and science.


Next, we agree on a timeline and schedule the execution phase. RC helps you through every step of the way – from implementing systems to guiding your employees.


Enjoy the results! Our services target processes that can be made more efficient and cost effective.

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