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Supply Chain

We develop efficient supply chains that are customer oriented and implemented in ways that meet your company’s goals. With good planning and by utilizing the opportunities offered by digital technology and analytics, we are able to achieve significant cost savings, competitive advantage, and increased turnover for your company.

How can supply chain services help you?

An optimized supply chain provides efficiency and reduces costs

By reviewing the current processes and eliminating hidden costs, we can lead your teams towards working together smoothly and efficiently.

Easily manage inventory and logistics

We plan and control optimized storage of goods as well as forwarding for your company. Minimized working capital, correct levels of stock, and well-planned logistics make the entire process easy to manage while providing your clients with top quality service.

Models we provide:

  • Cost-to-Serve Models
    Cost-to-Serve models allow companies to unlock hidden profit potential by understanding the costs involved in serving specific customers and products. The RC team utilizes these models as a base for custom-built solutions for each client.
  • Inventory Modelling
    Inventory modeling helps to define the correct stocking policy for a large range of SKUs – we can use the model to define, for example, which SKUs should be stocked in local branches and which should be held in one national center.


Our consultants are experts at defining logistics strategies and optimizing transport and delivery arrangements. We work with all kinds of companies, from small businesses to large corporations, and create solutions that are customized, effective, and maintainable.

Why use logistics services?

Our customized strategies are built to work for your company

By optimizing your logistics network planning and transport planning, we find the best transport routes, location strategies, and make sure everything else is in place for effective logistics. With our help, your company can implement a logistics infrastructure that meets your business goals.

Know when to outsource

Our consultants know when outsourcing is needed – outsourcing logistics operations to 3PLs is smart when it means savings in costs and higher productivity. We regularly manage outsourcing warehousing, transport, and freight, among others.


Our consultants offer you their vast expertise in warehousing solutions. We can assess the needed size and capacity, provide operational warehouse design (including automation), review and improve existing operations, and advise on the specification and selection of warehouse management systems (WMS).

We offer you solutions that are customized to your company’s needs and are sustainable as well.

What’s included in our Warehouse services?

Hands-on customized solutions

Our consultants spend time on site to understand the current processes and systems in place. This provides us with valuable information and allows us to suggest changes to improve your warehouse’s capacity and productivity.

Ongoing support ensures your warehousing operations are continuously running well

We offer consulting in managing the full warehousing process, from coordinating with stakeholders to supporting with tactical tasks and ensuring delivery on time and on budget. Our consultants provide you with long-term and full-time program management wherever needed.


  • Warehouse Technology Evaluation and Process Design
    A warehouse technology evaluation gives our consulting team several options that can improve your warehouse operations. These might include anything from multi-order trolley picking to conveyorized zone picking, or other flexible automated solutions. Each option will be presented to you with proper calculations of the type and quantity of equipment required, the capital equipment and one-off costs, and a task-based resource model to support our assessment of operating costs.
  • Warehouse Technology Assessment
    We offer support for designing a well-functioning warehouse: choosing the correct material handling equipment (MHE), designing automation and robotics solutions, as well as selecting pick trollies and VNA systems.
  • Warehouse Management System (WMS) selection & consultancy
    Our team also helps you find the right WMS vendor as well as implement the system. A suitable WMS will help you run a warehouse efficiently and productively. The right WMS solution will reduce operating expenses, provide clear visibility into the storage and movement of goods, increase security, and strengthen relationships with suppliers and customers.

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