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Microsoft Power BI solutions

With the help of Power BI, valuable information can be easily generated from large data masses to support your business. Data can be retrieved from CargoWise and several other systems, and combined into reports in the format you want. The reports are automatically updated with the latest data, and you don’t have to spend time updating the same reports continuously.

Easy access to data that gives important information about the state and future of your business

The service works conveniently via a web browser, so the information is always available from any terminal device. With Power BI, everything you need is right at your fingertips!

Reasons to choose Power BI

Easy implementation

Power BI doesn’t require any installations, as it can be accessed directly via any web browser.

Add multiple users and systems

It’s easy to grant access to Power BI reports using Microsoft credentials, and you can choose to add as many users as you need. Power BI can also be connected to almost any database and cloud service, which makes it easy to handle all kinds of data your company collects.

Informative visual tools

Power BI’s visual tools allow you to create your own interactive reports and dashboards. Utilize Microsoft’s visual features for clear and effective reports.

Customizability aids analysis

Power BI’s dashboards, views, and reports are fully customizable. Reports are easy to analyze when you can filter only the most relevant information to be visible at first glance.

Right Consultancy helps to find the best solution for you

RC offers versatile services related to Power BI:

Planning and preparation of BI reports

We prepare clear and visual reports, which enable you to obtain essential and desired information from masses of data easily and quickly. Our reports are ready-to-use, which allows you to focus on analyzing information instead of building reports.

Integrate CargoWise & other systems with Power BI

We have ready-made solutions for integrating CargoWise and several other systems with Power BI. We can connect any source with Power BI for easy access to data. If necessary, we can also maintain databases where data obtained from the systems is stored.

Automated reports

With the help of Power BI, we can automate the reporting process, freeing up time from generating reports to analyzing and making decisions.

Actually useful reports

RC’s BI team consists of supply chain and finance professionals who have a good understanding of the supply chain and business processes of various companies. We know how to develop reporting in a direction that truly meets business needs and requirements.

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RC Consulting & Implementation Support

New models and streamlined operations are needed for an international company that can successfully compete in today’s business environment. RC Consultants are here to offer tested solutions and methods for implementing effective strategies and building capabilities that promote growth and increase productivity.

Why choose this?

Implement changes for more efficient operating models

We help organizations go through operating model changes successfully, from planning the change to its practical implementation. Often, our role is to support the project managers and business management in managing change.

Consultation helps with common challenges

Managing changes in customer behavior and disruptions in the business environment while staying on top of regulations and other demands is challenging. Our consultants help you navigate it all with a functional operating model.

Intelligent Procurement

Procurement plays a key role in risk and cost management. The RC team supports your procurement department to keep up with, e.g., the continuous development of procurement methods and managing the supplier network. With the support of RC’s procurement experts, you are ready for future digital challenges and able to offer business solutions for risk management and value creation.

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